Let’s kick off a SEOO Expo update with some of the instructional seminars we will be hosting, included in your admission to Southeast Expo:

Meet Cory Verne of Red Cracker Outdoors –

Cory will be hosting seminars on:
Wilderness First Aid
SAR – How To Get Found
Trauma & Serious Injuries
K9 SAR (SAR dogs will be in attendance)

Stay tuned for a seminar schedule!

Cory was born and raised in SW Florida where he has spent most of his adult life. He grew up running around the swamps catching snakes and playing with gators. Like most young people in his area, he gravitated to jeeping, dirt bikes and swamp buggies. As an adult he took up hunting, fishing, camping and scuba diving. In his early 20s, he found the fire service by accident and has been there ever since. Along with his regular fire and EMS duties, he has also specialized in the USAR, Hazmat and Technical Rescue aspects of public safety. He has worked for Charlotte County Fire & EMS for the past 14 years and is currently a Lieutenant on their Special Operations Team. He is also an instructor in the afore mentioned specialties.

Technical Rescue USAR
Hazmat Team
18 year Open Water and Rescue diver
Swift Water Rescue Technician
14 year state LTRT (Light Technical Rescue Team)